Fire Mountain Bike Trails, Cherokee, NC

fire mountain bike trails

Fire Mountain Trails

Cherokee, NC – The Great Smoky Mountains

10.5 Miles collectively 

Kessel Run 2.1 Mi

Spearfinger 2.0 Mi

Tinkers Dream  0.8 Mi

Lazy Elk 1.0 Mi

Kate’s Wave 0.6 Mi

Nestled in the top of the Oconaluftee Indian Village parking lot is a little something of a mountain bike anomaly. Great to pair with Tsali – Bryson City – Fontana Lake trails( the only other decent MTB Trail system in the vicinity). A mix of lung shredding climbs, giant berms, newly packed dirt,a uuuuuuge wooden berm, air-filled table tops and can definitely blow Ridgeline( Dupont Forest ) out of the “Fun Factor” water.

I knew I was in for something awesome when every mountain biker that came flying into the parking lot were beaming with big, cheesy grins. This is a fairly new system so get out there and explore and enjoy!


cherokee mountain biking



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